Product Compatibility List

Compatibility testing cannot cover every aspect of all marketed products and changes in firmware or hardware may affect device compatibility and stability. UGREEN cannot guarantee the compatibility of all peripherals and reserves the right to update at any time without notice. In case of abnormalities, please contact customer service for advice.

  • M.2

  • SATA

M.2 SSD Compatibility

M.2 interface supports high-speed storage, read-only cache, etc.

1. M.2 interface NVMe 2280 SSD card

2. When setting read-only cache, use a SSD with 128G capacity to set a 4G read-only cache; Use a SSD with 256G capacity to set a 8G or above cache.

3. When setting high-speed storage, the SSD card must not be smaller than 32GB, and the maximum support is 4T.

4. It is recommended to purchase SSD card of mainstream brand.

SATA HDD Compatibility

1. Support SATA interface 3.5 Inch and 2.5 Inch hard drive, if the thickness of 2.5 Inch hard drive is more than 7mm, a special hard drive cage is needed.

2. Minimum actual capacity: 100G (labeled capacity of 120G or more); Maximum capacity: 22T.

3. Try not to use SMR stacked hard drive, in particular, using stacked hard drive to group RAID1 and RAID5 mode is not recommended. To confirm whether the current drive is a SMR hard drive or not, please consult the dealer or check on the Internet according to the model number. If using RAID5 mode, try to use enterprise-class hard drive or NAS hard drive, otherwise the potential data risk is very high.

4. It is not recommended to use some brands of customized hard drive, which may have inexplicable anomalies or be unrecognizable.

5. It is recommended to use NAS hard drive of mainstream brands, such as Seagate Ironwolf series and Western Digital Red Plus series.

* Both mechanical hard drives and solid state drives have their definite service life limitations, so be sure to clarify the status of your hard drive and take appropriate measures.