UGREEN NASync Series

Next-Level Storage. Limitless Possibilities.

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Explore Limitless Possibilities with NASync


Unlock Boundless Storage Possibilities

With up to 184 TeraBytes1 of storage capacity, NASync is designed for millions of images and files, thousands of HD movies, and an expansive collection of high-quality music. Next-level, professional data storage solutions with NASync.


Unparalleled Processing Performance

Multi-line Processing

Unleash the power of the 12th Gen Intel Core™ i5 Processor2. 10 cores and 12 threads provide seamless multitasking, responsive operations, and efficient data processing.

Swift Response Times
Seamless Multitasking
Smooth Media Playback
Expandable Memory

8GB DDR5 4800MHz RAM, expandable to 64GB3, provides the latest processing speeds, improved software and system performance, making multitasking easier than ever.

Fast Caching

NASync is equipped with two M.2 NVMe slots for SSDs4 that greatly accelerate read and write processes for even greater performance.

Enhanced Read/Write Speeds
Smooth Media Playback
All-flash Storage

All-flash is a high-performance data storage solution that uses solid-state drive (SSD), or flash storage, technology to store data. NASync DXP480T Plus utilizes the all-flash function to achieve faster reading and writing performance, greatly improving the work efficiency.

Transfers In A Flash

Expansion Ports

Network Ports

Thunderbolt™ 4 Ports

Dual 10GbE Network Ports5

Dual 10GbE ports can be aggregated to 20G bandwidth, with download speeds of up to 2500MB/s. Massive offline resources are at your fingertips.

Dual Thunderbolt™ 4 Ports6

Connect various storage devices like mobile hard disks and disk array cabinets for data transmission rates of up to 40Gbps per port.

Expansion Port Variety

Diverse port configurations provide high-speed reading, writing and data transfers. Transfer documents and data to a wide variety of devices.

Unique UGOS PRO System

All-Inclusive NASync App

An all-inclusive App that simplifies the NASync experience. Easily stream movies, access photos, transfer and manage files effortlessly anywhere via phones, tablets and PCs. Elevate your user experience with NASync.

Picture Recognition & Classification
Search Pictures by Text7
Your Privacy, Our Priority

The NASync series features detailed account management permissions and internal virus detection to ensure the highest level of account security and prevention of unauthorized access. No one will access your information but yourself.

Real Time
Transmission &
Account Encryptions
Minimalist Design, More than Aluminum Alloy

Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, the NASync series is minimalist and elegant, characterized by high durability and great heat dissipation. Manual push/pull drive trays makes hard drive installation a snap.



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