Product Support Status

UGREEN NAS aims to provide users with a better user experience and technical support services. We always focus on continuously optimizing product quality and performance. Users can check the updates and status information for each product in the table below.

Product Support


-1. Repairs and Replacements:

During the warranty period: Free customer service and technical support are provided.

Outside the warranty period: Paid repairs and technical support are provided.

Time calculation: The warranty period starts from the purchase date shown in the purchase information.

-2. Product Availability:

Can be purchased through retail channels or by contacting distributors.

-3. Updates and Maintenance:

We will provide two years of system security updates for this product model starting from the product release date, including security patches and fixes for security issues. We will regularly update the list of products that have ended software support to help you understand whether your device can receive security updates. If a very serious security issue arises, we may still provide necessary security fixes even if your device has stopped receiving software update support.

*Some models may support security updates for three years or longer, depending on the actual situation.