Product Update Plan

Note: Enhancements and Bug Fixes to the Software System

Earlier Updates
  • The CPU temperature display abnormality has been resolved
  • The abnormal registration of some user accounts and network timeout issues have been resolved
  • Resolved some UGREENLink issues
Updates on June 8
  • Fixed mount volume failure problem.
  • Various bug fixes for the "Photos" app.
  • Optimized thumbnail view.
  • Optimized upload, download, and backup.
  • Added new feature to view Livephoto in "Photos" app.
Updates on June 15
  • Fixed iOS network not found when WLAN is enabled.
  • Fixed personal folder being lost after changing the name of WebDav.
  • Fixed maximization of disk capacity allocation when creating a storage pool for a disk with a specific partition.
  • Fixed an issue where personal folders migrated to other storage pools were lost after the device was restarted.
  • Fixed the bug that the Rename File Upload on Mobile setting could not be skipped.
Updates on June 21
  • Fixed Storage Manager Hard Disk Recognition Bug.
  • Fixed some bugs In the Docker app.
  • Optimized photo album face algorithm and UI interaction.
  • Added [DHT Network] setting for Download on mobile device.